Travel Teams Overview

Welcome to the NPSL Travel Soccer League Website. All you need to know about NPSL Travel Soccer is available here, or through the provided links. Additional key information can be found under the Travel Info Packet.

Mission Statement:

“Niagara Pioneer F.C. Travel Program Key Objectives:

  1. Development: To impart soccer knowledge and improve soccer skills through player training and instruction.
  1. Sportsmanship: To foster a desire in each player to emulate fairplay, respect, and sportsmanship on and off the field.
  1. Competitiveness: To encourage each individual player to perform to their maximum potential at a competitive level. “

What is travel soccer?
Travel soccer is a more competitive level of soccer than the opportunities available through our House League. The NPSL Travel Soccer Club is affiliated with Buffalo & Western New York Junior Soccer League and the New York State West Youth Soccer Association.

Who is eligible?
Eligibility is determined by birth date. The general rule to follow is the age of the player on January 1 of the current summer season. If a player is 12 years old before January 1, he or she is eligible to play on an U12 team. However, if a player turns 13 before the January 1 deadline, he or she must play on the U13 team for that summer season. NPSL encourages players to play at their age level, but in some rare situations, a player may be better served playing on an older team. The NPSL policy on playing up outlines the process that must be followed in the event a player wants to be considered for an older team.

Are there tryouts for NPSL travel soccer?
Yes! Tryouts occur in the end of July and early August.

This strategy allows coaches to work with players during the winter months and to participate in indoor soccer if there is sufficient interest. Tryout dates appear in local newspapers, on the NPSL website, and are announced in the Lewiston-Porter School District.

When possible, a second team in an age group will be formed to accommodate additional players. However, some players may not make the travel team. Those players not making the travel team are encouraged to continue to develop their soccer skills, participate in house league, and in winter soccer.

What is the process for tryouts?

  1. NPSL will field at least one team for both girls and boys at the U10, U12, U14,U16 and U19 age brackets. These brackets would only deviate under special situations and would require the NPSL board to authorize such exceptions.
  2. Establish the coaches for each of these teams before tryouts take place.
  3. Establish early registration, by July 15, to determine if there is a possibility for more than one team at any age level or teams at varying age brackets.
  4. Perform tryouts sometime between late July and mid August, with the selections of teams completed by September 1st.

How far do you travel?
The travel league for Buffalo and Western New York includes teams from north, east, and south of the Buffalo metropolitan area. Clubs playing in the travel league include Kenmore, Lockport, Grand Island, Lancaster, Akron, Amherst, Niagara Falls, and Clarence among many others.

When is the season?
The travel soccer season begins in early May and ends in early August. Typically, U10 teams play on Friday evening, U12 teams play on Monday evening, U14 teams play on Tuesday evening, U16 teams play on Thursday evening, and U19 plays on Wednesday evening.

How often do travel teams practice?
A travel team’s practice schedule is determined by the coach of the team. Most coaches attempt to practice at least once or twice during the week at the Fort Niagara facility.

How much of a time commitment is travel soccer?
Players and parents are asked to make a commitment to the travel team. A player’s commitment includes outdoor and indoor training, scrimmages, games, and tournaments. A parent’s commitment includes providing transportation to practices and games, and volunteering to help with field and equipment maintenance.

What are the costs of NPSL travel soccer?
NPSL soccer costs covers the spring-summer season. Please refer to the registration site for the current rate. The cost includes the fees NPSL pays to BWNJSL, referees fees, a home and away uniform with socks and shorts, players pass, field maintenance, and training equipment for the team. In addition, NPSL sponsors a tournament at the Fort, and teams can participate in two additional tournaments with NPSL travel paying the tournament registration fees.

What is the NPSL refund policy?
If a player is not rostered on a team after tryouts, the fee will be returned in full.  If a player is rostered on a team but opts not to play for that team, there is no refund.  If a player is rostered on a NPSL travel team and cannot participate due to unforeseen circumstances a full refund can occur on or before November 1st, and a 50% refund can occur after November 1st and on or before May 1st.

How do I register my child? 
Please complete the registration form and forward with supporting documentation and payment to the address on the form.