Niagara Pioneer Soccer Merit Award

The Niagara Pioneer Soccer League annually awards six Merit Awards to a graduating high school senior. This award is given to any player who has participated in a Niagara Pioneer house/travel program, or has volunteered his/her time to Niagara Pioneer Soccer. Individuals who receive this award will have to meet certain criteria, and have promoted the game of soccer and Niagara Pioneer through sportsmanship and dedication to their team.

The Merit Awards are in honor of Watson McCalister and Maryann Woods. Their time and dedication to the game of soccer was instrumental to the forming of our soccer league.

Niagara Pioneer Soccer will award up to six (6) $500.00 Merit Awards each year to all of those who qualify.


  • Candidate must be a graduating high school senior.
  • Candidate must provide proof of acceptance into a 2 or 4 year college, or United States military service.
  • If a house/travel team was available, candidate must have played for five (5) consecutive years ending with senior year in high school (grades 8 through 12).
  • Candidate must fill out and provide all necessary paperwork for acceptance by a given date.
  • If necessary, candidate must attend an interview.
  • Candidate must complete their house/travel season. This includes attending practices and tournaments to receive any monetary award from Niagara Pioneer Soccer.


  • No available team in candidate’s age group, that year.
  • Medical excuse (with a doctor’s note).
  • If candidate competes at a higher level of soccer, and are not allowed to be double carded.
  • If candidate attended all the try-outs and did not make the team.

To maintain your eligibility with any of the above exceptions, you must submit a letter to the Niagara Pioneer Board of Directors explaining your individual issue. You must also be willing to volunteer a minimum of twenty-four (24) hours to Niagara Pioneer during the calendar year.


All candidates must provide a letter to the Niagara Pioneer Board of Directors asking to be considered for the Merit Award. All letters must be postmarked no later than March 31st of candidate’s graduating senior year of high school, and contain an up-to-date return address. Please mail all inquiries to:

Niagara Pioneer Soccer League
P.O. Box 203
Youngstown, NY 14174